The government of Uganda through its ministry of trade has broken silence on the dropping maize prices in the country which has raised concern among the public. The government revealed its plans of buying maize grains from farmers as a way of keeping the prices stable.

Speaking to the media at Uganda Media Centre in Kampala, the minister of trade Amelia Kyambadde said the government through the Finance ministry has agreed to raise the amount of money that she did not specify to buy maize grains from organised farmers across the country to curb further decline of prices.

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Ms Kyambadde told the media that the increase in the maize production which brought about fall in prices was partly a result of the NAADs /OWC’s contribution to the production that was distributed to farmers across the country for season B production which was 1,959,500kgs of maize seeds and that this was estimated to be planted on 195950 acres of land and the expected out turn was to be 249 million kgs adding that these was done to over come the complaints over lack of maize which where being raised.

She said the ministry of finance is conducting consultations with the office of the prime minister and after they will present the proposal to the floor of parliament to get the funds and save the struggling farmers.

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Production of grains and cereal crops specifically maize and beans has considerably risen, with estimated production for season 2017/18 being 2700000 metric tones and 850,000metric tones respectively, and there is a surplus for season A of maize in some store across the country.

Amelia said the ministry has set up Uganda warehouse receipt authority system to immediately license seven storage facilities which have so far applied for licensing and have satisfied certification requirements.

These are in the areas of Jinja, which has a total capacity of 21000mt, Mbarara with total capacity of 5000mt, Kasese with the capacity of 2000mts, Kamwenge with 6000mt and Mubende with 10000mts.