By Kiyimba Bruno

The government of Uganda under the ministry of Disaster Preparedness has on Tuesday morning flagged off 400 turns of maize floor to districts of Kalungu and Kamuli which are experiencing famine.

The food estimated to be worth shs3.6 billion is targeted to cater for communities which are affected with hunger in the two districts.

The government however says the number one target it to feed people with disabilities, those infected with HIV and aids, the young ones, the elderly and other people with in such categories.

According to Martin Awori, 80% Ugandans are affected by hunger while 14% need urgent support.

The 200 turns are maize floor and 60 bags of beans were dispatched.

However there is a lot of need as more affected districts are reported.

Already government has dispatched relief food to Soroti, Rakai and the most affected Isingiro.