By Watchdog reporter

The government has finalized a law aimed at gagging critical media, Watchdog website has learnt.

The law that intends to amend the Press and Journalist Act 1995, will see the government closing any media house deemed to report u unfavourable news about the government, even individuals in the government.

Sources have reliably learned that the Attorney General’s chambers have completed the draft of the law that had previously been unpopular but the government hopes to take advantage of bad blood between Parliament and the media, to pass off its agenda.

This website however understands that the law isn’t targeting the media in all but a couple of critical media such as NTV, Monitor and Red Pepper.
The government has in the past closed RedPepper, Monitor, KFM and Dembe however it was illegal.
They are now creating a framework to close the media houses legally.

Sources say the anti media law will weaken the critical media in preparation for the tabling of other constitutional reviews which will introduce among other things, the lifting of terms geared towards keeping President Museveni in power beyond 75 years in age.