By Kiyimba Bruno

Yesterday the government of the republic of Uganda through the ministry of Gender, labour and social development clarified on the responsibilities of the external labour companies as well as coming up with a new list of who is supposed to export labour from Uganda.

Through the Permanent secretary Mr. Pius Bigirimaana, a statement was read to the press and a list of only 65 companies were allowed to do the business of external labour in the country.

He says that it is the responsibility of all companies taking people abroad to  first educate the people that they are taking about the ethics of where they are going as well as educating them about the use of some few gadgets that they are not used to.

“Every migrant worker will undergo mandatory Pre-departure Orientation and Training prior to exit clearance by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development” Bigirimaana said.

He went ahead to elucidate the statement that only foreign recruitment companies that have been accredited by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development on the recommendation of Uganda’s Mission accredited to the prospective recipient country will be allowed to recruit domestic workers from Uganda.

It is on this note that the Permanent Secretary clarified on the measures that have been taken to protect the rights of Ugandan migrant workers through the concluded Bilateral Agreements more especially with countries of Saudi Arabia as well as Jordan that most of number of recruitment companies in Saudi these two countries have developed internal complaints and redress mechanisms for domestic workers. This includes Call Centers and Ugandan Supervisors charged with the responsibility of monitoring the conditions of Ugandan migrant workers in the households.

Jorem Oitit, the Chief executive officer of Trustin company ltd is happy with the new policy for the government. He says that many of these girls who are taken as maids come from rural areas and are not well trained of the use of equipments like the use of washing machines. He says that if they are taught how to use the machines, they will not have to suffer.

“Being one of the few who are known by the ministry shows that we are doing things according to the law. So if the government is trying to protect innocent Ugandans from suffering, them I must be happy and ready to work with it.” Added Oitit.

It is on this note that the Permanent secretary requested persons interested in traveling abroad for work to guard against traffickers and unlicensed recruitment companies.  Any person in doubt about the credibility of his or her recruiter should contact the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development on 041-4 345002.