By Herbert Bukenya

Gospel artiste Dangelo Busulwa must be praying and fasting real hard these days after some not so good experience he has had over the past one year or so.

The latest we have is that this celebrated gospel singer bought some land in Kikyusa Luwero district totaling to 10 acres at 30 million shillings last year but being the busy artiste he is, he didn’t have time to develop it immediately.

On going back earlier this year to verify the existence of the land he acquired using the land title he was given at the land office in Bukalasa Luwero, he was told it was non existent to his shock.

Since then he has been moving back and forth from the Luwero land office with various officers promising to fix his problem but to no avail. However the committed born again says he has not lost faith and he is praying fervently that the issue is fixed soon.