By Stephen Kalema

President Yoweri Museveni has told Bududa landslide survivors that ‘God is never opposed’. During a visit to Bukalasi sub-county on Sunday, the President told mourners, “When this happened for the first time, the government organized for you to relocate. But most of you people refused (to move). There is no question we have now understood that God is not opposed. If He says ‘move away’, you must do it.”

The President’s remarks follows a Thursday afternoon landslide that has so far claimed about 50 people. Scores are still missing.  The catastrophe was caused by the burst of river Tsume banks that eroded rocks and trees which covered over five villages having approximately 400-600 homes. This is the second time in a decade that property and lives are lost in the eastern Uganda district of Bududa.
The President said shifting residents at the foothills of Elgon is no longer a debate.
“Everyone has seen it (the disaster).  There has been lack of coordination and I apologise for this because such calamities wouldn’t have happened,” he said.
In reference to planning for Bududa on the national cake, the president also blamed politicians from Bududa who have always not bothered to put his plans on the ground but instead sabotage them.
“Your elected leaders should be the ones reminding me but they disappeared,” said President, before promising to give those who lost their relatives in the landslides Shs5million while survivors will receive Shs2 million.
The Red Cross has blamed poor navigation of the region for the slow rescue mission.