By Herbert Bukenya

GNL who loves to call himself Mr. Amazing Zamba dropped a new track and video called Mujje alongside his American sweetheart Miriam Tamar a somewhat gifted artiste in her own right as well.

The video seems to step away from the hardcore deeply poetic lyrical hip hop or luga flow Zamba is typically know for as it takes on a more laid back afro fusion approach sounding more like world music.

However the theme of unity peace and love preached in the song and selling the tradition of long held fire place story telling is a good one and so is the cross cultural mix that is brought on board by Miriam with the video’s costumes and creativity also showing us a new more creative, mellow and musical side of the rapper.

The track done in both Luganda and English is off his new album that he will be dropping a couple of weeks from now and it seems the entire project is about a new musical touch Ugandans are yet to see from the self styled King of Luga flow.