By Watchdog reporter

The girl married by Kenyan president’s son Jomo has Ugandan blood flowing in her veins.

Kenya respected news website reports that one of the parents of Achola Fiona Ngobi who married President Uhuru Kenyatta’s son in a secret traditional wedding hails from Uganda, thus the Ugandan name, Ngobi.

It is not yet clear who of Fiona’s parents was Ugandan but, the media in Kenya is awash with news that Fiona hails from Nyanza region, the hotbed of Kenyan Luos, who are rivals to the Kenyan throne which has been dominated by Kikuyus.

Tuko reports however that Fiona who is said to be Luo, also has a Ugandan parent.

Fiona and Jomo married on Saturday, October 22 at a secret location. Fiona however was until Saturday a little known young woman. Now she has become a subject for media reports as news about who she is trickles in.

Jomo hails from Kikuyu who are sworn enemies with Jaluos, a community Uhuru’s nemesis Raila Odinga hails from. Raila’s father jaramogi Odinga was also a rival to the throne of Uhuru’s dad, Jomo Kenyatta.

The marriage of Fiona and Jomo is seen as a new dawn for the young generation Kenyans and one that could help bury the hatchet among the rival tribes.

Also, the fact that Fiona has Ugandan blood in her, rekindles the speculation that Uhuru has Ugandan blood flowing in him as his father Jomo Kenyatta has severally linked to Bunyoro king Kabalega.