By Patrick Edward Musisi

The vivid environmental pollution in different societies has made many to turn away from different sources that seem hazardous to the environment. Different people have resorted to Human waste bio-gas system as a way of curbing the problem of environmental pollution and also to decrease on the expenditure with in their entities.

Mr. Geoffrey Mayanja is a businessman who has embraced the use of this system to his companies mainly at the school known as Jessyjony Primary school located in Mukono central division, Mukono district, the school has more than 600 pupils and he  narrates as to why he  embraced this system to his school.

some of the plantations are planted nearer to the digester due to the fertility of soil around it

After realizing that he was spending approximately 10 million shillings each term at school, he resorted at looking for ways on how he could decrease on the expenditure and save for the future. He decided to attend a cultural and trade fare function at the royal palace in Mengo that’s where he derived this knowledge from. Mr Mayanja says that it is through this visit that he came to know how to put human waste into use as he saw this system being used in the palace and among the palace men popularly known as “Abataka” directed him on how to use it.

How it works

According to Mr Mayanja,  the human waste bio-gas system has specific pipes that separate gas and the raw materials. The system contains digestors whose main work is to digest the bi-product before they go into the pipe for separation. This system is credible and it is not so expensive compared to other systems that are even hazardous to the Flora.

The amount of bio-gas that can be yielded from human waste is never limited because its just a matter of collecting human waste products such as faeces and urine compared to other forms of systems that need resources to run efficiently. The pipes transfer the separated materials which is turned into gas and then is ready to be used.

The digesters that filter the waste products into bio gas

After separating gas from raw materials, the raw materials are now turned into fertilizers that are used as residues. The waste is always going down in the hole as a way of eroding away the bad smell and some additives are added with in the waste to  create a favourable environment.

Why go for this system

After realizing the numerous expenditures he incurs at school, Mr Mayanja decided to go for a human waste bio-gas system as a way of decreasing on his expenditures. This system saves the environment from all forms that seem to be hazardous to the environment compared to other systems that are used.

This system is cheap worth you get to know its advantages and according to Mr Mayanja, he used to spend 10 million shillings a term making 30 million shillings a year. However, after knowing and being alerted about the advantages of this system, he sacrificed 100 million shillings for this project and he says that he doesn’t regret spending all that amount of money on the project.

“I dont regret spending all the amount of money on this project because it is even more worth than it, i therefore call upon all the members and institutions who can afford this project to embrace it,”he says

He adds that this system has no health hazard to the people and he described it as environmental friendly compared to other systems that people.

The digesters that filter the waste products into bio gas

This system has a long life span  and it works depending on one’s population that is, the the higher the population the more the system seems relevant and friendly to the users. When using other systems, waste products are so costly unlike this system where they are very cheap and easy to get. A litre of piped digested waste products cost at 20,000 shillings since its purely natural and organic.

Sanitation and hygiene are normally catered for while using this system, the digesters are placed at a distance and some additives are added with in the digesters that filtrate the waste products in the pipe and later are turned into biogas, the additives help to drive away the bad smell that could rise up.

“As the generation change, we also have to change let us not be left behind therefore i call upon various entities,companies and communitties to embrace this system”, says Mayanja