By watchdog reporter

Bloodshed witnessed in Kampala suburb of Nateete as rival boda boda groups fought over control of Kampala boda stages has dragged generals into the fights.

The fight between Century boda led by Raga Dee and Boda 2010 led by Ibrahim Kitata faced off in Nateete, beating each other leaving scores with deep cuts on different parts of their bodies as well as several motorcycles destroyed or stolen.

Century accuse Boda 2010 of orchestrating the mayhem after the former organized a sacco meeting to be launched by Kampala minister Betty Kamya.

Century organiser Raga Dee says they informed police about their planned meeting and were surprised that Kitata group invaded them and beat them up. Other Boda riders went on to accuse Police chief of being involved in the conflict as he is perceived as Kitata’s godfather.

However, observers say Raga Dee and Betty Kamya were close associates of Gen Salim Saleh, concluding this was a crash of generals.