By Watchdog reporter

Ugandans are demanding to know why security minister Gen Henry Tumukunde would appoint a committee to oversee drought and food shortage. More importantly however, they are asking why Tumukunde would appoint a tribal committee to take care of rainfall awareness campaign across the country?

Sometimes, serious things might have a humorous side to them. And this one you’re about to read about is one of them.

The minister for security on Wednesday appointed a seven member following an inter ministerial meeting. The committee he appointed will be charged with a countrywide campaign for Food Security and Rainfall awareness.

However, people are demanding to know of out 52 tribes named in the constitution, Gen Tumukunde cannot only put together a committee of the following people:

  1. Robbie Kakonge – Central
    2. David Musiime – Busoga
    3. Fred Magezi – West Nile
    4. Faye Bagamuhunda –  Karamoja
    5. Sharon Rwakyooya – North
    6. Paul Gureme – Eastern
    7. Jeff Rwakanuma – Western

Some of the concerns raised with Tumukunde committee on rainfall how these people will explain issues of rainfall in the language of illiterate people!

Ethnic representation is very important for national unity and harmony.

However, there are concerns that the authorities in Uganda have eyes for people from the western part of the country, or, they are the most qualified for job.

Tumukunde, who once detested the idea of westerners filling top jobs in high government offices, now contradicted himself with the first public appointments when he was given a chance.