By our reporter

Security Minister Henry Tumukunde on Friday shocked mourners in Rukungiri at the burial of the son of Mathew Rukikaire, a former minister in President Yoweri Museveni’s government when he showered praise to main opposition leader Dr. Kizza Besigye referring to him as one of the most powerful Ugandans he has ever met.

“There has never been a person in Uganda with power than Col. Kizza Besigye. Even when he was still in government, if he summoned you, you would see a young man with power under 30yrs. But he never abused his power. The only person that almost got close was Amama Mbabazi. Besigye is out of government (NRM) and he still remains a very powerful man. But most importantly he never divides people,” Gen Tumukunde narrated.

The minister seemed emotional recalling how Dr Besigye helped him personally; noting that he perhaps would have lost one of his limbs if it weren’t for the doctor.

“Let me use this rare opportunity to thank you Dr Wrn Kizza-Besigye . I have never said it but let me say it now, thank you so much for saving my leg. If it wasn’t you, I wouldn’t be having a leg.” said Tumukunde.