By Watchdog reporter

At his pipping ceremony to Major General rank at Mbuya military headquarters, newly promoted Gen Peter Elwelu got a chance to comment about the conflict that has come to define his military career; the crashing of the Rwenzururu uprising in Kasese district.

Gen Elwelu who was also appointed Lands force commander to replace Gen David Muhoozi who was became chief of defense forces, said, he doesn’t fear going to the international criminal court (ICC).

Elwelu dismissed word that he was promoted for crashing the Kasese uprising mercilessly and got the Omusinga Mumbeere jailed alongside more than 100 people. About 100 also died and the palace of the king scorched.

There are voices especially from Kasese politicians saying Elwelu must be taken to the Hague to face trial for killing innocent people.

However, the man baptized the ‘butcher of Kasese’ laughed off his accusers, saying only God can allow that to happen.

Elwelu, a confessed born again Christian, says, he doesn’t fear going to the ICC since there’s a good life there. He said at the ICC, suspects eat, drink and sleep well, on top of dressing well, earning a salary and opportunities to study.

Elwelu however said it is because of the November Kasese operation that the area is now peaceful.