By our reporter

Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu loves offer advice such as never to promise anyone what you cannot deliver.

And on Wednesday morning, the country was waiting to hear what next for the former FDC president who promise to announce his new course of action.

There was talk that moderates in the main opposition party were disillusioned and would make a new party in the next couple of days or weeks, and Wednesday press conference was seen in that light. In fact, it was broadcast live on some televisions.

With several MPs behind him, Gen Muntu offered a statement which didn’t read much different from what he has always said.

In fact, some analysts say, Gen Muntu wasted their time by hoodwinking them to believe he was going to say anything new.

Muntu however stated in his statement that he work within FDC framework to continue putting pressure on the ruling party.

Muntu also said that he respected the outcome of the Namboole party elections where he lost squarely to former Kumi Member of Parliament Patrick Oboi Amuriat.

“I respect the outcome of the elections,” he said. “It is also clear that there are significant differences, some feel these differences are irreconcilable but we intend to pursue a consultative process to talk about these differences.”

Muntu said his next court of action involves going around the country to teach and mentor new leaders about the change Uganda needs.