BY Watchdog reporter

A senior military officer is in trouble for conning military equipment suppliers and after, leaking classified information to deflate investigations into his role in a fake military arms scam.

Gen Leopold Kyanda, the chief of staff in the Lands forces, has been implicated in a gross military scam involving conning Polish military equipment suppliers of billions of shillings.

However, the military boss responded by blackmailing the military investigators saying they were due for transfer or demobilisation.

Watchdog website understands that Brig Kyanda used his knowledge of upcoming military transfers to leak information that those investigating him were due for transfer.

He pointed out the lead investigator Col Herbert Mbonye that he was due for transfer to Somalia.

Watchdog understands that Col Mbonye’s to be CMI for Amisom was due last year. However, the lucrative position in Mogadishu, was made to seem like a demotion by Kyanda’s leakage.

UPDF has been keeping itself out of scandals especially corruption and torture, but Kyanda-gate is likely to open the can of bad press in the coming weeks.

The involvement of Kyanda, one of the top military commanders in Uganda, in the fake arms deal amounting to 120 million euros, is a serious security breach which left lands forces commander, too exposed.

The damming intelligence dossier by Col Herbert Mbonye, the deputy CMI boss, reached President Museveni’s desk and the principal wants to decisively deal with it. understands that the commander in chief is very upset since Kyanda’s crime is equivalent to treason. First, he allowed a conman Sam Simbwa to access military offices in Bombo which was a serious security breach, and later to release him after arrest.

The president has always knew about Kyanda’s dubious record, but, has put up with him on grounds that the soldier had grown up under his wings and he would help him overcome his weaknesses.

However, Gen Museveni has vowed he’s fed up with Kyanda’s nonsense. Mr Museveni expects to have ultimate discipline, loyalty and thoroughness.

Kyanda had to claim he had got born again, before he was redeployed.

But it was not too long before his name again returned on the list of Uganda’s most dangerous armed criminals.

Kyanda is not new to accusations of theft and robbery among other things. Yet he is now one of the top military commanders, at the position of lands forces chief of staff.

Gen Kyanda through a con agent Sam Simbwa negotiated a classified deal involving billions of shillings without following normal procedure.

The agent instead asked for a kickback of half a million euros and disappeared.

When the polish military supplies dealers sought the man for follow up, he had switched off the phone.
Police and CMI got involved to arrest what could be a high level criminal. However, Simbwa left the cells a couple of days later on orders of Gen Kyanda.

The orders of Kyanda however gave him away and investigations thereafter, linked Kyanda to Simbwa through telephone print outs.

It turns out, Kyanda, landed himself into some hot soup as Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba had literally pleaded with his father to redeploy him after the former army chief the late Aronda Nyakairima threw him out of the command structure.

On learning he had been exposed, Gen Kyanda has turned to make matters worse for himself as he was now leaking classified information pertaining to scheduled military transfer.

Kyanda, according to our investigations, is behind reports that the officers that investigated him were due for reshuffle.