By Lawrence Ssentongo
After the Sunday appointments of new police chief and minister of security, many people have been asking what next for Gen Kale Kayihura.
Many expected that after the general is relieved of his duties in police, he would immediately be assigned a new docket like was the case with Katumba Wamala or Aronda Nyakairima. However, President Museveni did not choose to appoint immediately Gen Kale and Lt Gen Tumukunde. However that does not mean much, apart from disappearing a bit from the public scene.

Mr Museveni has relieved several officers of their duties, and either appointed them advisors of something, ministers or ambassadors – whatever serves him better. That Gen Kale has no office for now, does not mean he doesn’t fall anywhere.
The truth of the matter is – Gen Kayihura is a serving soldier. He is under the family of UPDF. It is common place in UPDF that new command posts are announced and the incumbents in those positions are not assigned until a later date.

So, Kayihura after handing over office, will don his military fatigue again. He will salute his commander in chief. It could take extra humility from him to salute the young chief of defence forces due to his seniority, but, UPDF has a tradition that values comradeships as well as seniority. For example Gen Salim Saleh, Gen Tumwine, Gen Pecos Kuteesa, etc will always be senior to even UPDF bosses today.

The other issue is, Kayihura, the soldier had been seconded to Ministry Internal Affairs from Defence. It is the norm that he will await his assignment if there is one, or wait for one. If the president does not reshuffle cabinet on one of these day, Gen Kayihura’s name will return to the Chief of Personnel and Administration pending training, or deployment.