By Watchdog reporter

Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura has on Tuesday lost his cool and told off people who say the security situation in the country has gone out of hand.

Gen Kale who was speaking at the final send off of his blue-eyed boy who was gunned down in Kampala said, Kaweesi had joined a small club of great officers who had given their lives in service of the nation and therefore should be celebrated instead of bashing the police from left to right to the centre.

Kayihura told mourners that they should stop the blame game, and focus on sacrifices the security forces were making to keep this country and its people safe.

“I do not sleep,” Kayihura said, “Security agencies are not sleeping.”

Kayihura has been up on his feet since Friday when he got news that his assistant inspector general of police had been killed by unknown gunmen. He was aged only 43.

Kayihura says Kaweesi was one of the best commanders and has put off many other duties to ensure Kaweesi gets a heroic send off