By Watchdog reporter

After ruthlessly punching Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake to near death, State Minister for Works Gen Katumba Wamala on Monday morning decided to pay him a visit at Rubaga Hospital where he is being hospitalized.

Last week on Wednesday during a fracas at parliament when security officers forcefully evicted suspended anti- age limit MPs from the August House, Gen Katumba was seen punching Zaake into coma.

However, during an interview with NBS TV on Sunday, Katumba denied ever punching the youthful MP regardless of the photo and video evidence making rounds on social media.

“I just grabbed him. In fact I was standing with Hon. Winnie Kizza who told me not to beat Zaake and I indeed let him go. He was lucky because if i was to punch him, he would” (laughs) Generals don’t throw one punch,” He said.

On Saturday, Zaake pinpointed the army general that he endless punched him and he almost killed him for no good reason yet he always considered him as a mentor.