By Watchdog reporter

Former UPDF commander Gen Katumba Wamala has admitted to have punched Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake to pulps during the Wednesday fracas at parliament when security operatives were forcefully evicting suspended anti-age limit bill MPs from the August House.

Through his twitter handle, the works Minister has said he punched Zaake into coma because the legislator was “serving ice cream” in form of chairs and destroying parliament property in process.

Zaake is currently hospitalized at Rubaga Hospital after being admitted on Wednesday when he is unconscious.

In his open letter to Katumba, Zaake on Saturday said the soldier aimed to kill him with the deadly punch. “General Katumba Wamala you almost killed me,” Zaake spoke from his hospital bed.

“I am, but just a child to you, I owed you respect as a father, role model, mentor and most importantly as a friend that is why when you feigned to be calming me down indeed without hesitation I did so, little did I know that you were tricking me.”

Zaake said he was only fighting in defence of his life during Wednesday clashes between MPs and Special Forces Command soldiers “against the brutal treatment from the strangers in the house that is why a calming voice from “a friend” made me feel safe in your hands”.

“You caught me unaware by hitting hard on my face, I fell down unconsciously,” Zaake narrated in his open letter to the minister of state for works.