By Watchdog reporter

Internal affairs minister Gen Jeje Odongo has condemned demonstrations at the Makindye court last week but has defended the Inspector General of Police who was sued in the same court.

Gen Odongo says Gen Kale Kayihura cannot be sued as an individual because he carries out his duties as an institution of IGP.

He said if anyone wants to sue, they should sue the inspector general of police as an institution and not Kayihura as an individual.


The minister however condemned demonstrators who turned up at court in large numbers to protest the summoning of the inspector general of police and other senior police officers who are accused of spearheading the beating of opposition leader Kizza Besigye’s supporters.

He said his ministry “does not condone or support unlawful demonstrations, processions or gatherings.”

Gen Jeje told a press conference at Media Centre on Tuesday morning that the ministry of internal affairs under which police falls “recognizes and upholds the constitutional role and independence of the Judiciary”.

Gen Jeje who assumed the ministry in the recent reshuffle said he “regrets the unfortunate incident at Makindye chief magistrate court on 10th August 2016.”

Odongo who was accompanied by the ministry’s permanent secretary Steven Kagoda said, he “condemns the gathering as an interference with the constitutional duty of the courts and judicial officers and an unlawful limitation on the enjoyment of the rights and freedoms of others under article 43 of the constitution.”

He said the ministry will take measures that no one shall ever be allowed to interfere with the courts’ duty to dispense justice.