By Watchdog reporter

Social critic Frank Gashumba has revealed that he wishes slain police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi could come back and speak out on the number on the number of Ugandans who took part in his murder since it seems that almost every Ugandans is prone to being implicated in the blood thirst murder including the two year olds.

According to Sisimuka Uganda boss, he highly suspects that the murder of Kaweesi was an inside job involving a top ‘General’ in uniform citing that Ugandans might not know the real murderers today but in the near future the whole nation will spectate the murderers and history will judge them and their families.

 I wish Andrew Felix Kaweesi could speak, how many Ugandans participated in the murder of Andrew Felix Kaweesi, even two year olds are now suspects!! I highly suspect that the murder of Kaweesi was an inside job involving a top “General” in Uniform. We might not know his murders today but trust me with time, the whole Uganda will know who killed Andrew Felix Kaweesi and history will judge them & their families,”

Slain AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi

Apparently police in the middle of cross fire after brutally torturing the suspects to the extent of almost killing them in the name of extracting evidence as far as Kaweesi murder is concerned.

Kaweesi was murdered in March this year along with his bodyguard and driver on hs way from home in Kulambiro, a city suburb by unknown assailants.

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