By Watchdog reporter

Social critic Frank Gashumba has wondered whether Busiro South MP Peter Sematimba’s election case judgement will be delivered by Pope Francis since the responsible judges have ignored their role in the case.

According to Gashumba, all the latter election petition cases have been concluded but Sematimba’s case has been put on hold.

Last year, one of the aspirants in the Busiro south seat, Stephen Sekigozi dragged Sematimba to court saying he had retained the seat illegally due to invalid Education requirements and ever since then the case remains un tampered with.

Gashumba’s full statement;

High Court judge Lydia Mugambe delivered the first judgment in the election petition case of Ssekigozi Steven Vs Peter Sematimba. In the court of appeal, it was one of the first cases to be heard by the Court of Appeal together with the case of Alice Alaso. Alaso’s judgment was delivered in January this year.

The Court of Appeal has since delivered over 10 judgments. Aciro, Kabanda, Watongola, Kabakumba, Katinti, Namujju, etc.

When will the trio of Justices Steven Kavuma, Cheborion Barishaki, and Catherine Bamugemereire deliver the much anticipated judgment? What could have happened?

Peter Sematimba, Busiro South MP

All these judges have not left the country, they are delivering judgments in cases that were heard later. Why is Sematimba’s judgment delaying to be delivered?

Court of appeal rules say that judgments should be delivered within a month from the time is heard. Are these judges aware of the legal doctrine justice delayed is justice denied.