By Watchdog reporter

It seems the battle between NBS TV and social critic Frank Gashumba is far from over.

Apparently Gashumba has filed a law suit against the station together with its Chief Marketing Officer Pamela Adongo over defamation.

Through his lawyers Mushabe,Munungu and Co Advocates jointly with Denis Nyombi and Co Advocates, Gashumba says NBS published a letter which maliciously stated that his services were terminated allegedly because there are ‘individuals who have approached NBS and reported that they had been conned by Gashumba’.

“You further stated that ‘To NBS image is critical;and to this end we are also reviewing  the image of Mr. Frank Gashumba  in relation to our brand over the flying allegations,” notice reads.

“This same letter has been uploaded onto the official NBS Television facebook wall for the whole world to read. It is well within your knowledge that our client is an international traveler who is a father, an entrepreneur who delivers motivational talks locally and internationally, but you have recklessly and maliciously injured his reputation and his business as a motivational speaker. Clearly, the words like ‘conned’, ‘image of Frank Gashumba’, and ‘investigating’ are all unequivocally defamatory,” notice further reads.

In conclusion, the lawyers have ordered NBS to apologize to Gashumba within 24 hours to avoid further constraints.

“Take further notice  that if you don’t desist from your defamatory statementsa and/or broadcast , publish a retraction through the same Facebook wall and formerly apologize to our client on NBS Television during prime time within 24 hours heretofore, we have instructions to file a law against NBS TV and the person who signed the letter to your embarrassment and ridicule, costs notwithstanding,” Lawyers states.