By our reporter

On Tuesday, Sisimuka Uganda CEO Frank Gashumba started a petition to have Dembe FM’s Talk N Talk show host,Isaac Katende, aka Kasuku fired from Nation Media Group, the proprietors of NTV Uganda, 93.3 KFM, 90.4 Dembe FM and Spark TV following his bad talk against the late music icon Mowzey Radio.

In 2017, during his talk and talk show on Dembe FM, Kasuku warned Radio that if he doesn’t stop his violence, he will be beaten and his head will be shattered.

Barely a year after Kasuku made this statement; the neera singer was beaten and succumbed to head injuries.

And remembering these words, Mowzey Radio’s fans lashed out at Kasuku saying his ‘prophecy’ is the reason why their star died.

But Kasuku fired back again last Saturday during his weekly show on the radio station, advising all the people who are offended by his words to put their middle fingers into use.

Now Mr. Gashumba who felt offended by Kasuku’s arrogance and insensitivity, decided to start a petition to have the Radio Presenter fired.

Gashumba is now looking for 100,000 online signatures to petition NMG to sack Kasuku with disgrace and so far he has over 3,000 signitures.

When we contacted the social critic, he revealed that today he is going to meet Aga Khan Representative in Uganda to discuss about the whole issue.
He then said that after the meeting he will appeal to Nation Media headquarters in Kenya to have Kasuku fired.

In the petition, Gashumba noted that;

“It has become a norm for “media personalities” to misuse the platforms they have for disseminating information taking their viewers and listeners for granted by perpetually promoting hate speech, tribalism and blackmail of individuals and institutions. This has promoted hate, confusion, many times is misleading. Media personalities have become complainants, investigators, prosecutors, judges and prisons.

If you feel offended, agitated and hurt with such utterances by these unprofessional personalities, please sign this petition to have this man Isaac Katende alias Kasuku fired from the Nation Media Group.