I wish we had a thousand Uganda Registration Services Bureau’s (URSB) in Uganda. As a businessman and social activist who randomly visits different government para-statals and institutions, I can confidently state that URSB is a different government institution.

If you want to know how a company treats its clients you start from the security officers manning the entrance of that company. At URSB from the police officers in uniform and those in plain clothing, they wear a smiling face and when you interact with the staff of URSB, there’s a sense of service, urgency, teamwork, no matter what type of staff you are talking to, from junior to senior level.

I have entered into other government service delivery offices not to beg, these small ‘god’s arrive after 10am, they place their jackets on their chairs, they spent another 1hour perusing through ‘gossip’ newspapers, after his or her secretary ushers you in, you find him or her swinging in his or her chair, he or she leaves for lunch at noon, chances are 10% that he or she will come back most probably he or she has gone to a lodge in our official government car worthy over 200m.

I wish other government institutions visit URSB.

Thank you, you are doing a great job but there are room for improvement. To me, URSB scores like 60% compared other government institutions.

Is there any other government institution you compare to URSB?