By Watchdog reporter

Controversial social critic Frank Gashumba has embarked on attacking people living in the diaspora whom he says they are not credible to challenge anyone here.

Gashumba’s comment has been put to light following fraud allegations leveled against him by a woman living in diaspora who said Gashumba conned a certain gentleman a sum of shs2million.

According to Gashumba, the lady wanted to soil his name adding that she has nothing to do apart from spreading baseless claims on social media.

He said that these forms of allegations most time are always made by some people abroad but advised them to concentrate on what really took them there.

“My friends in US and Europe, concentrate on what took you there, you don’t have credibility to challenge anybody,” Gashumba exclaimed.

“Most of you survive on forged papers and on mercy of asylum gives, no one can lecture me about US and Europe,” He added.