By Najibu Mulema

City socialite Gareth Onyango has waged a war on self proclaimed East Africa’s number one, Dr. Jose Chameleone which may not end easily without infliction.

The verbal war started in a whatsapp group named ‘flames’ when Onyango without fear or favour said that Chameleone’s new single ‘sweet banana ‘tastes’ like rotten sweet bananas to the ears adding that the music sensation has already faded but still stick onto music lovers.

“Sweet banana song by Chamili ‘tastes’ like rotten bananas to the ears. Ono naye yagwaamu naye akyatwesibyeko,” Onyango lamented.

He further said that Chameleone lost his musical touch and that when he sings you may think its Young Mulo singing unfortunately he is set to stage a concert in 2017.

“When he cameto the stage on Sunday to perform at my kid is a superstar even the bu kids were shouting ‘we want Kenzo and Sheeba’ gwe guy yaswadde,” he further dissed the music legend.

However, Chameleone has retaliated by blaming people for having a negative perception towards his music assuring them that the harder his music is despised is the more it sinks in their hearts.

“Mr Onyango Gareth wherever this started from!! Echoing some idiots posts make you the same. I still call you a friend, brother and it won’t change. Sweet banana is loading regarding of the opinion Leon Island Music Empire” Chameleone wrote on his social media, adding that those who view art from a wise angle appreciate and embrace as foolish ones justify their foolish angles.