This whole entrepreneurship/ self-employed thing is over rated. The bandwagon should be joined with a little more info.
You can invest in your careeer, better your skill and be happier as an employee than just rushing to the ‘self employed’ wagon.

Most businesses now don’t pay half the salary you earn. If that money you are investing in a small shop was invested in learning a new skill or getting another degree, you would double or tripple your revenue at work with less stress.

This side, there won’t be breaks, leave, sleep. The end of month is your headache, failure is not an option.

Honestly, its not everyone’s cup of coffee. For many, the self drive, perseverence, resilience you need to handle being “your own boss ” is not their thing. But they can do well as good employees and do well for themselves while at it.

We cant all be engineers or doctors but think we can all run a barbershop, saloon, poultry etc simply because social media is making it cool. Now everyone is runningto farming for the wrong reasons and burning their fingers in the process. Ask yourself, is farming your thing? Would you do it for free? The praise heaped on entreprenuers makes them look like immortals…superwomen/supermen. Its misleading .

You will be surprised. Often, companies pay more than most businesses. Most employing companies, will live longer than average entrepreneur’s businesses.

I think honestly many employees are a lot happier at heart and less stressed than the average small business owner. Which saloon, restaurant, shop can give your current salary? How sustainable is it? How much would investing in your career bring to you in returns? Is business your thing?

The next time someone tells you to hand in your resignation to be your own boss, you may have to do a thorough assessment of the opportunities. If indeed there are great opportunities in your career, you may consider investing in business as you work. Use your out of office time or leave ( those exist in employment mostly ) to try out and be sure about the opportunity before throwing in the towel.

If you have a good job, come get me. I wont beat you! I will be dedicated and give you my all.