By Watchdog reporter

Silent Voices Uganda will be screening yet another theatre performance entitled “Ga-AD” at the National theatre in Kampala. “Ga-AD” will be screened from 30th July to 7th August.

According to producer Andrew Ssebagala, it will be a breath-taking theatre performance which he encourages all Ugandans to attend.

“You don’t ask the pastor questions!” was a reprimand one of the co-producer, Andrew Ssebagala confessed to having been told by his colleagues following a meeting during which he had asked a pastor some questions.

There is no better illustration of the blind following involved in many churches more so the Pentecostal Churches in Uganda and in many parts of the world than the above example.

This is also an indication of how much power pastors and indeed church/ religious leaders have, which in itself is not bad if put to good leadership.


Play Synopsis

At least as far as she knows, Faith, a loyal servant of God, has departed the world of the living and entered into the After-Life. Faith, the protagonist becomes the casualty of a gruesome road accident in heart of chaotic Kampala-Jinja Highway. Her spirit leaves its battered body, but her memories of Life linger, raw and painful, more real than in this new place where she has come to meet her Maker and face a terrifying judgment.

About the Producers

Adong Lucy Judith is Artistic Director, Silent Voices Uganda, Playwright, Filmmaker, Producer, and “Ga-AD” Co-Writer and Co-Producer and Lecturer Makerere University, Performing Arts and Film Department.

While Andrew Ssebaggala is a Producing Director, Silent Voices Uganda, Executive Artistic Director of House of Talent East Africa Ltd, Independent Producer, Co-Producer of “Ga-AD” production.