By Kiyimba Bruno

A Kenya based career Development Company FUZU has come out to help Uganda’s young generation towards developing their career as well as recruiting and learning solutions for the emerging market organizations and end users in the country.

This happened on Thursday at the launch of FUZU in Uganda that took place at the Designer’s hub in the Industrial area Kampala.

Speaking at the event, Jussi Hinkkanen the Chief Executive Officer for FUZU noted that there is a need for Uganda job seekers to have access to relevant advice and direction in order to make the best out of their careers.

“FUZU has to date helped more that 2.8 million users in East Africa to accelerate their growth and hundreds of employees to find the much needed talent.” Said Hinkkanen.

He added that employers also have a huge role to play in shaping the job markets.

“Today companies do not have what they need to attract and recruit top talent” Added Hinkkanen. He elucidated that only 30% of Uganda employers saw that they have the tools they need to succeed in the race of talent.

FUZU is a Kiswahili word meaning to succeed as well as becoming competent and has attracted 2.8 million users and 440,000 CV profiles