By Najibu Mulema

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye has applauded the people of Masaka for the overwhelming support they showed him during the recent presidential elections where he lost to the incumbent president Yoweri Museveni.
While addressing his supporters at Masaka Golf Course, Besigye said Masaka people played their part to retire Museveni though he adamantly refused defeat deploying guns thus overturning the people’s mandate.
According to Besigye, in Uganda’s history, no election has ever been rigged to a magnitude that Museveni did in Febuary. Even then, with all the rigging machinery against him and his supporters, they still defeated him.
”We have evidence of our win. We have evidence of rigging by Mr. Museveni. That is precisely why the treason charges against me have no merit. No court can convict a legitimate winner of a rigged election. Instead, we shall charge Mr. Museveni for treason,” said Besigye adding that “To understand the support we have in this beautiful land, I refer you to the support we have among the members of the security forces. I was a commander here in Masaka for 2years; I can confidently tell you we have the support of our gallant servicemen and women. Some officers I commanded are still in service and others are still working with Mr. Museveni but their loyalty is with us,”
He further lamented that Museveni is living in a perpetual panic and that he is paranoid since he feels outsmarted and rejected by the international community. They have refused to recognize him because they know he is not the legitimately elected president of the people of Uganda.
“We have cornered him. We have put him where we want him- captivity. I vowed to you the people of Masaka that you will see Mr. Museveni pass here enroute to Rwakitura. We shall witness it in our lifetime,” Besigye asserted.