By Paul Olinga

A total of 314 residents of Entebbe Municipality were infected with HIV in the last one year, according to a new report release by the Aids Support Organization (TASO) branch in the town. The municipality has on average 80,000 people.

Entebbe which hosts several tourists, and a gateway to Uganda registered 314, bringing to 562, the number of HIV infections known in the locality. Entebbe is today known for its lavish beaches where youngsters party till dawn especially on weekend. Also, there is rising trend of sex trade in the town spurred by the growing presence of European tourists.

Mr. Robert Kadando, the manager TASO Entebbe said while addressing the annual general meeting that “We had 248 old registered clients but last year alone we got 314 more, the good thing the number is low but we are not sure if that’s all the cases there is because some people aren’t aware of their status or some are and don’t want to come for treatment,” he said.
Ms. Rose Tumusiime the Entebbe woman MP while addressing the meeting called on the international community and donors to keep on funding NGO’s in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
“Before we call on government for help, let’s first fundraise within ourselves to care for our health, and then donors because even though at a certain point money decreased, they didn’t shut their doors,” she said.