By Stephen Kalema

Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) has passed an estimated budget of Shs30bn for the federation’s activities in the next financial year.

However as the budget figures were being presented, Nyamityobora Football Club president Ben Immanuel Misagga walked out in protest.  This was during Fufa’s 94th ordinary assembly held at White Horse Inn, Kabale western Uganda on Sunday.
“I cannot be counted among those who passed block unexplained financial figures. I would rather walk away,” Misagga later told journalists.
But his protest didn’t deter the assembly from continuing, as the FUFA chief executive officer (CEO)  Edgar Watson Suubi, gave the preliminary introduction of the financial position of the federation.
“The financial position of the federation has not be too bad but more finances have be generated to finance this budget,” Watson said.
James Kayondo from KAL & Associates Certified Public Accountants,  who was introduced by federation finance director Decolas Kiiza, attributed this performance due to mutual understanding between the federation and his audit firm.
“FUFA has performed well in the last financial year. On our advise, they employed an internal auditor to do the internal financial audit function to mitigate risk management and ensure value for money. Also, FUFA has excelled by the continued reduction of cash transactions,” said Kayondo.

According to the assembly the budget will be financed through the following

Government of Uganda (Shs. 11,523,600,000)
•FIFA Grants (Shs. 10,564,000,000)
•Sponsorships (4,829,000,000)
•Media and TV Rights (1,330,000,000)
•Local income (1,085,000,000)
•CAF grants (380,000,000)
•International matches (350,000,000)
•Prize money (114,000,000)
•TOTAL: 30,175, 600,000

The federation is expected to spend its budget on the following;
Governance (1,228,580,000)
•National teams (9,859,000,000)
•Membership (900,000,000)
•Infrastructure (6,010,000,000)
•Administration (3,314,000,000)
•Football development (3,430,000,000)
•Competitions (2,990,600,000)
•Marketing and Communications (2,370,627,000)
•TOTAL: 30, 102,807,960
leaving a surplus of Shs 72,792,040.

The assembly was chaired by the FUFA boss, Moses Magogo and 84 delegates.