Identity is a key aspect to any organization. It offers a sense of belonging and uniqueness as represented by distinctive traditions, colors, logos, themes, anthems and flags among others.

In a bid to transform the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) into a more corporate body, the local football governing body has gone through the aforementioned steps to create a unique brand since 2013.A case in point is the FUFA logo that changed in 2014.

On Tuesday, the Federation officially unveiled the new FUFA anthem and FUFA flag in a function held at Kampala Serena Hotel.

The Anthem composed by FUFA President Eng. Moses Hassim Magogo and sung by music diva Irene Ntale depicts the spirit of nationalism calling upon all Ugandans, fans, Sponsors and Government to rally their support towards the different National teams.

The Anthem as well embeds the spirit of unity calling the different stakeholders to be one family and develop the game together.

FUFA President indicated that he got the inspiration of writing the Anthem while on a football trip and stated that this will help to foster unity among the different football clusters.

“I got the inspiration in the middle of the night on a football trip in one of the Arab Countries, I wrote the lyrics and shared with people who know music and I believe the Anthem will be a factor for unification. Music is as source of inspiration and even in wars, people always sing to get motivated. I’m glad that we have continued to build regalia and brand of the institution of FUFA.” He said.

FUFA Flag Unveiled

On the same event, the FUFA flag was also unveiled. White in colour, the flag carries the FUFA logo as a sign of belonging as per the FUFA Statutes.

The President indicated that the choice of white colour was to symbolize purity and transparency in the game.

Dr. Patrick Bernard Ogwel the National Council of Sports, Assistant General Secretary lauded FUFA for the positive changes and asserted that the progress is currently streamlined and Government is now in harmony with the Federation.

The Anthem will be played on FUFA official events and functions including the General Assembly, football games and conferences among others. The FUFA flag in the same capacity will be used at FUFA events and put in football offices.

Both the flag and the anthem were passed after a resolution from the FUFA Executive Committee.