The FUFA Commission of inquiry into match fixing allegations has started its work.

The Committee set up by the Emergency Executive Committee on Friday 11th May 2018, rolled off its assignments on Friday at Ivys’ Hotel Wakaliga.

The Commission was set following information received of consistent allegations from a spectrum of stakeholders regarding the FUFA Competitions match officiation in general.

The Committee also received the Terms of Reference from FUFA.

‘The commission’s scope shall be specifically limited to Uganda Premier League, FUFA Big League, Uganda Cup, The FUFA Drum, FUFA Juniors League, FUFA Women Elite league and the FUFA Women’s Cup’ said the FUFA President who addressed the press conference.

FUFA has also confirmed that media expert Douglas Mazune will be the Commission’s Communications Officer.

The Commission of inquiry 

  • 1. Hon. Kidega Dan – Chairman
  • 2. Mr. Zirabamuzale B. Muzafaru – Vice Chairman
  • 3. Mr. Mutenyo Keneddy – Member
  • 4. Ms. Nakamya Annet – Member
  • 5. Hon. Kasibante Moses – Member
  • 6. Douglas Mazune-Communications Officer