By Faridah Nakazibwe

Surround yourself with people that will bring the best out of you & Motivates to be best version

Most people are where they are because of wrong people they call friends. They are in poor & miserable positions because they have positioned themselves wrongly with useless people they call friends & spend their time with.

Listen to me – The people you call friends should be your destiny helpers. They have to be interested in what you do & must be willing to move with you & your dream all the way.

Destiny helpers are important, people that will want to be part of everything that you do. I called them wherever they are. From the south, east ,west and North .Pray that God connects you to your destiny helpers & lead you to your dream.

This is just how life works. You cannot make it in life on your own. Destiny helpers may not be gifted people but they have access .You have the gift but you may not have access,, that’s why you need your destiny helper to make it in life.

Be sensitive to know those God sends to you as your destiny helpers. Some people may only be in your life to move you away from your destiny. Never waste potential because you surround yourself with wrong people