By Mike Ssegawa

French President Emmanuel Macron has faced a barrage of criticism over his simplistic diagnosis of the African problems.

The young French leader, who ascended to power last month, told G20 Summit in Hamburg, German last week that Africa’s main problems were stemmed from its women giving birth to too many children.

When the video emerged on social media on Monday, the French leader has been schooled in international development and global politics. Social media has told off the French leader that it is the Western companies including French companies that have been “looting” Africa for the last 200 years and in the process impoverishing the children and future of the continent.

Macron who was addressing himself to the African issues during the June 7-8 G20 summit, a meeting of the wealth club of leaders said the African continent’s problems were not economic, ecological, or political, but demographic.

He erroneously stated, “When countries still have seven to eight children per woman, you can decide to spend billions of euros, but you will not stabilize anything” .

A tweep stated, “Apparently looting of resources by Western companies is not a part of [Africa’s] problems. It is the fault of 7-8 children [per woman].”

“He has forgotten about the countries who are looting natural resources of Africa,” another wrote.

Others said, was being a racist by over simplifying Africa’s problems like any White Frenchman one might find on the street.

“Seven-Eight children per woman is not a problem of civilization,” one person said, while another added: “It’s 2017 and France still shares colonialist and racist views towards Africa. Some things never change.”

Other people say, the French president who has no children, with his wife Brigitte Trogneux, his former high school teacher, might be having a problem with children or their fertile mothers. Brigitte is almost twice the age of the 39 year old President Macron.

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