“I saw a good initiative  of  the “Rolex” by my colleague Hon Kiwanda in his bid to promote domestic tourism around people and their culture. Delicacies of diffident communities can be a great footprint of any country in the tourism environment. Instead of congratulating Hon Kiwanda and offering him many other ideas on how to fine tune and  firm up his initiative for the common good of Uganda, I   read a barrage of  pessimistic/ negative comments from many  Ugandan elite. I  kept wondering and asking ; Why do most people in Uganda and especially the supposedly knowledgeable  celebrate negativity, admire what is foreign &despise their own, blame game,complain& are quick 2 dismiss any new initiative without offering complementary ideas and solutions ?  They are quick to order for pizzas& fancy them as what is on “vogue”, yet despise rolex? They are quick to accuse those in public offices of lack of initiative, but again quick to shoot any new ideas from their leaders.This is bad culture and bad attitude. It’s retrogressive. That is why even some leaders believe that to be seen as relevant and brilliant you have to quarrel, complain, blame game, lament But offer NO proactive thinking to better the status quo. The young generation ought to look at this seriously.

We need to develop a positive thinking attitude about our own lives, identity and country. We are  what we are and will never be another people or another r country. Don’t only complain, blame game, criticize but also offer alternative thinking and ideas.

The writer is the minister for ICT.