It is high time all leaders at every level wakeup and serve the humanity! Can you imagine, 11 million Ugandans are permanently poor and another 12 Million can only eat meat on either Christmas, Easter or Eid Day.

A study by the WORLD BANK indicates that 3 out of 10 Ugandans are mentally unstable and their sickness is related to depression and frustration. Basically they are permanently angry and hungry.

That aside, 84% of the youth in Uganda have no jobs. The bitter side of it, 78% of graduates today don’t qualify to be employed. Basically the training they went through in Universities don’t prepare them to be employed; they are unemployable!

1.6 million Ugandans face hunger and face/die of hunger-related circumstances.

This is a shocker! 2.6 Million Ugandans don’t have pit latrines basically if they are to go for a long call, they have to look for the nearest bush next to their homes!
Is this really the pearl of Africa?
Fellow Ugandans what’s your view? What can be done to change these breathtaking and shocking trends?

What can we do to redeem this situation?

“The Pearl of Africa” should not be in words but visible to ensure every Ugandan is satisfied, contented and happy.