Eulogizing deceased MPs has officially become Uganda’s Parliament number one business. They now wish a former MP died every month.

Even MPs who can’t cough in a corridor fight to at least say something regardless of whether they knew the deceased or not.

Surprisingly they will speak all the good things about the deceased on the floor of parliament but when they leave the floor, they are totally the opposite of people like Boniface Byanyima, Ssebaana Kizito, etc.

Many have been saying they were mentored by Ssebaana but if you asked them for any communication exchange with the deceased, they don’t have it.

NRM MPs who have been praising Ssebaana Kizito as a true democrat are the ones preparing to lift the age limit clause for a one man rule, the likes of Simeo Nsubuga.

I have seen MPs I have never seen speaking anywhere pay respect to the late Ssebaana. And they always yearn to associate with them. Is it a speaking opportunity?

To make matter worse, the picture quality of UBC is so poor. Naye banange these people have robbed this country. Kozi UBC is under which ministry?


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