Ugandans, you are on your own. If an NRM chairperson can be tortured to near death, what about you? How can a whole mayor spend a month in Nakasero hospital after being tortured and the entire media isn’t aware?

We used to have a strong media with journalists like Andrew Mwenda, Aliro investigating useful, authentic information in real time that would put the government in check.
The president once said that there’s no opposition in Uganda, there’s Mwenda. The media we have now is what you would describe as the ‘press conference’ media.

When Mwenda had just started the ‘Independent’, there was a column called ‘inside the safe house’, showing how Ugandans were tortured in those dungeons. Safe houses have been existing in this country for as long as this regime has been in power. Actually, this regime survives on instilling fear, torture, etc.

The reason they exist and are torturing and murdering Ugandans is because of a toothless parliament (both NRM and Opposition) which doesn’t know the power it wields to check the excesses of the executive.

With all the evidence out there, why are MPs planning to go to Nalufenya for other than for public relations? Are they doubting the people who said were tortured from there? They simply what us to believe that they care. Who approved Gen. Kale Kayihura, for a 5th term as IGP? Parliament! Under Nalufenya is under his docket.

Last week MPs announced their visit in advance and on TV for the beasts in Nalufenya to prepare for their visit. Why on earth should MPs inspect a torture house? If Kadaga suspended parliament business because of the alleged ‘stupid order’ from Kavuma, let her suspend parliament again until Nalufenya is closed if they want to show that they care about ordinary Ugandans.

If parliament genuinely feels pain and sympathy for the tortured victims, they should secure a court order for the victims to narrate their ordeal. A relative to one of the tortured victims told me that if they transfer you from Nalufenya to Luzira upper prison, it’s like you have been taken to heaven!
Investigations into Nalufenya need to be open so that every person who was tortured is invited to give first account

information on what was done to him. If parliament can institute a committee to investigate 6billions (!), what about the torture of hundreds of Ugandans!
Share with me your opinion?

Frank M.Gashumba
Social and Economic Rights activist.