Social media is awash with stories that the IGP is serious ill and has been admitted in India.

Two weeks back Facebook idlers had a two weeks filled time circulating all stories about Ivan Ssemwanga (RIP). And last week, it was Prof Mukiibi (RIP). As usual, instead of using their valuable time in productive activities, they are busy talking about how Gen Kayihura is sick in India. Even if he is sick, who doesn’t fall sick, even the Pope falls sick.

When I tune in to radio and TV stations, then sometimes look at what is on social media, it confirms my belief that Ugandans have not studied Gen Museveni and his leadership skills.

I have stated this before that even if Museveni fires the entire UPDF top leadership, he will still remain in power. Museveni has been in power simply because he micromanages UPDF (for instance) he can appoint a 4th division commander but when he needs information, he won’t call a division commander, he will call a junior officer.

Those of you who are praying and jubilating for Kayihura’s sickness, even if he died, Museveni’s regime will not collapse over it. Museveni is not in power because of the power of the ballot, he’s in power because he micromanages UPDF.

Yes, an assassin can assassinate Gen Museveni (God forbid), but no one can successfully stage a coup to overthrow him. All major military strategic positions are under the command of SFC. Even the recently appointed commandant of Military Police Brig. Sabiiti was previously the deputy of Gen Muhoozi.

Museveni fired Gen Muntu, Kazini (RIP), Aronda (RIP) and the UPDF has stayed. Most recently Katumba Wamala has been demoted to just a state minister, the UPDF is still there.

When he fired Amama, once a super minister, those who don’t know thought he was finished. He is still going strong.
The more you show bitterness towards Kayihura, he will remain his favorite.

To me, Museveni is at his strongest point. Look at the opposition in Uganda. He has in his hands all religious institutions, cultural institutions, political parties, etc.


Twitter: frank gashumba