Yesterday I watched Gen.Museveni addressing state of nation address at Serena. As usual he was ushered in with police motorbikes as a true king of Uganda.

Unless you are a sycophant or simply naïve or being connected to those top families that have looted this country for more than 30 years, that’s when you can agree with me that our economy is performing well.

To the M7s, they are living lives like royals of Saudi Arabia. Their children in Uganda go to top notch schools as UPE kids are languishing in depilated structures.

When they fly their children overseas for studies and holidays, they travel in the first class or business class and their favorite Airlines is Emirates because they have to stop in Dubia and do some shopping.

I have witnessed it personally where kindergarten Kids of these rulers fly in the first class. And I have seen children of tycoons from Europe and America flying in economy class. Do you know that Sir Richard Branson the British billionaire ‘who owns virgin Atlantic airline his children travel in economy class????

In Uganda these rulers are not caught in the traffic jam .They always use police lead cars to beat jam and are always escorted by patrol vans to guarantee their security.

These royals sleep in high end and posh suburbs of Kampala like Kololo, Nakasero, Mbuya etc.

To them, they read and hear about Kifeesi goons in news because these goons operate in areas like Busabala,Nansana,Bwaise etc where these royals cant dare path.

Their queens go shopping in big malls like Oasis mall, Shoprite,Acacia mall,.garden city etc.
They no longer bank their looted cash in banks. They have created banks in their homes

Guys do you Know Serena conference hall where state of Nation address was held from was put up by Ex.president Idd Amin in 1974 in preparations for OAU Summit but later the M7s sold the state owned property to AgaKhan.

Every time Government of Uganda hires Serena for such functions it pays AgaKhan more 170m.

Do you know how many ministries and state agencies that hire Serena in a year to hold such conferences and meetings?

How can you stop money repatriation in public when state agencies are still making such expenditures?
Our most highly respected president M7 highlighted that Uganda has electricity bonus but Statistics show that it’s only 20% of the population that has access to electricity. The same statistics of census 2014 show only98% use charcoal for cooking.

How can you have bonus electricity when majority of population is in black out?
Some parts of Kampala and greater Wakiso residents still trek long distances to fetch water from infested swampy wells and ponds .

No wonder that’s why most of them don’t articulate real issues affecting them these days because they use their heads to carry jerry cans instead of thinking.

Kinyankole Proverbs can’t Transform a Country.

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