We urgently need a real, genuine revolution in Uganda and it must us the ordinary Ugandans not these Vampires in government.

If you are above 18 years and still think these useless mps whether in NRM or the hopeless opposition Will fight for your economic rights, you are one of the Butabika candidates.

Today morning I met a young girl at equatorial mall who got a second class upper but works in someone’s shop and is paid 100,000 ugs per month including lunch and transport.

She walks from Maganjo to work and walks back after work. Can you imagine?

These Vampires in parliament each 25 million excluding all allowances. Other queens at KCCA, UNRA, URA each earn 44 million excluding those super abnormal allowances. When shall We ever have a minimum wage in this country, when shall We ever have an independent salaries Authority like the way it is in Kenya? Doctors, teachers, Men and Women in uniform walk away with peanuts every month as these fake masters and mistresses ( politicians) and technocrats loot our country dry in billions.

We urgently need a revolution.

Do you remember the Kayunga uprising? we need 100 times that and the economic revolution you want in Uganda, can only happen if every Ugandan participate in it unless you are part of the looting regime.

How can a university graduate earn 25 dollars a month and you are telling me there is steady progress! Are you willing to join us in this economic revolution?