I have just visited the home of Kenneth Erau the bodyguard to AIGP Andrew Kaweesi who was shot dead on Friday morning alongside their driver Wambeyo Godfrey. Surprisingly now media house has visited them despite the fact that their home is just a stone throw away at Kiira rd police station. Amazingly the senior officers at the station didn’t even know Wabyewo and Erau stayed there.

Erau was a true definition of a loyal committed officer who served his master to the best of his ability. Whenever I wanted to contact his boss Kaweesi and he was not available it was Erau I would leave a message and he would deliver and always get back to me with a message.

Even as we mourn the depart of Kaweesi, Erau and Wambeyo let’s also be mindful of the living conditions of the police officers. I was saddened to see the officers leaving in cardboard houses and the houses built during during colonial days despite their sacrifice.

I know there are efforts but let’s be cognizant to the fact that this isn’t a necessity.

If you see the conditions the officers live is when you appreciate their work and sacrifice.

Installing cameras as the President suggested yet those Manning them leave in these deplorable conditions is to try and fool us. Mr. President don’t fool us.

May the souls of the departed rest in peace.