By Najibu Mulema
The motor mouth social critic, Frank Gashumba has sued the Uganda Communication commission (UCC) to court over its unexplained selected media ban levelled against him.
On 10 th October this year,UCC passed a directive banning Gashumba from being aired on Ntv due to his use of profane and abusive language. UCC termed Gashumba’s behaviour on Ntv as a breach of the minimum broadcasting standards by the station.
The unshaken activist,has fired back by dragging the media regulatory body to court. In a demand notice through his lawyers, Anguria, Aogon and co advocates, Gashumba demands for a list of programs and or particular program where he has used the said profane and abusive language and a list of complaints received against him and from whom, to which he as a person is entitled to a right of fair hearing, may address.
According to Gashumba,as Ugandans we must stand up and be counted. That’s why am seeking legal redress.
He calls UCC officials vampires who are slowly turning themselves into gods.
” These small vampires are slowly turning them selves into gods, everyday, that goes by. When did Uganda communications commission become a complainant, investigator, prosecutor, a judge and a supreme court!! As Ugandans, we must stand up and be counted. That’s why am seeking legal reddress,” Gashumba wrote on his official facebook wall.