By Watchdog reporter

Social critic Frank Gashumba has waged a war on NBS TV following his recent resignation from the station.

Gashumba resigned from the station after an intervention from Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) which passed an order to NBS not to air Gashumba again due to his alleged poisonous massage to the public. UCC gave NBS an alternative that if it wanted to air him again, it should include a moderator to the Eagle show to control him.

However, angry Gashumba has revealed that he was so embarrassed by NBS TV CEO Kin Kariisa’s action of unveiling journalist Simon Muyanga Lutaaya to moderate a show which he says was his whole idea.

According to Sisimuka Uganda boss, he could not allow a politician to moderate his (Gashumba) show since day one he told Kariisa that he doesn’t work with politicians so he saw this as a downsizing syndrome towards him.

Gashumba said in the due course of the show, Kariisa didn’t give him enough support but worst still he blamed the entire NBS management under the CEO for not having given him support since day one further pinpointing some names of NBS employees whom he claims were part of his mischief.

He blamed UCC and Kariisa for having been used by some greedy people like the Buganda Premier Peter Mayiga saying that they should have done better.

Gashumba further revealed that he gained nothing from NBS instead he was the one adding value to the station since his stay helped the station to widen its following.

The discontented social critic vowed to drag UCC to court over his recent ban. Gashumba termed UCC as a chicken hearted body wondering how a person like Mayiga give them one phone call and they decided to ban him off NBS air.