Happiness is killing me.

Thank you Uganda Police for arresting Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine.

The headline on NTV at 9 today will be Bobi Wine. The same on Bukedde, UBC, Terefayina.
In tomorrow’s papers, he will be on the cover pages.

What this means is that even those that did not know him will now know him.

Arresting him on the last day of his campaign is the best present you could give him.

Being an independent candidate with no party funding him, he badly needed publicity……

So arresting him today morning, all media houses TV, radio were airing him live for free.

The many times Dr Besigye was brutally arrested, he was getting free media coverage from media houses, thus branding him & Promoting him.

The same applies to Lord Mayor Lukwago.

The more you embarrass him, harass him, the more people will sympathize with him.

All over the world, voters tend to sympathize with people who are intimidated and harassed by the state.

Do you remember how voters voted out Kahinda Otafiire because of the way he Capt. Kahonda was treated?