Are these public holidays relevant?

These useless and bogus public holidays created by these vampires that have looted this Country beyond repair. As a person who is in the private sector, every useless public holiday is a set back in what I do simply because it is a public holiday. I woke up this morning only to learn that today is actually a public holiday! And it is NRA/ NRM liberation day. These mercenaries should celebrate such days in their homes not wasting our time and lives of the general public. Apart from liberating themselves and their families, whom did they actually liberate?

What liberation are they talking about! These peasants owned nothing before 1986, now they own each and everything in this country with a lot of influence and grip on everything. They have promoted each and everything we thought they opposed before 1986; Tribalism, Nepotism, poverty corruption, injustice, inequality just to mention a few. If you want to know that Uganda is the breeding center for tribalism, look at the entire UPDF leadership structure, Uganda Police, Uganda Revenue Authority ( URA), UNRA among other government departments and agencies or just do a random visit at Entebbe Airport! It’s simply unfair and definitely we’re sitting on a timing bomb.

Those of us, who care to read widely and research, The following are the Government parastatals these Vampires and greedy people found fully functioning and operational and employing thousands of Ugandans:

1. Uganda Airlines
2. Uganda Transport Company ( UTC)
3. Uganda Company.
4. Uganda Railways.
5. Cooperative Unions (Masaba, West Buganda, Mityana, Sebei)
6. Uganda Hotels.
7. Coffee Marketing Board.
8.Lint Marketing Board
9. Uganda Cooperative Transporation Union ( UCTU)
10. Uganda Commercial Bank (UCB)
11. The Cooperative Bank.
12. Public Libraries
13. Government Farms.
14. Uganda Railway Houses.
15. Former UEB Houses.
16. Bukoto Flats.
17. Bugolobi Flats.

If you know any state board that I have left out, comment below because they were quite many.

NRM will go to the history of Uganda as a group of Mercenaries that destroyed and looted Uganda mercilessly and it will take us over 5 generations to bring back Uganda of the 1980s! these vampires simply don’t care about you, they care about themselves. The only thing that rotates around their mind is how to  to ensure their grip on power and how to loot this country!! The energy they have invested in mismanaging this country, if it was put into proper use, Uganda would be like Dubai or Singapore. Studies all over the world have shown that 20 years are enough for any leader to transform their country.

Fellow Ugandans, something that should come first in your minds every morning is; How do we bring back our country and ensure we leave a better Uganda?

How can a population of 39 million allow a few families to mismanage this country?