By Bruno Kiyimba

“I see very many of you who have given in money for burial in respect of your political denominations. But it would be sad if the deceased woke up and claimed she did not know you.”

Those were the opening remarks of outspoken Rev Fr Deogratius Kiibi Kateregga during the burial of the Connie Nakabugo at Kasozi, Wakiso on Tuesday.

Nakabugo served Lubaga Cathedral from 1982 to 2018 and was a teacher at Gayaza Girls’ Primary School.

Fr Kiibi, who was surprised by the number of politicians present at the burial, ‘yet none was there to help the late Nakabugo during the time she needed them’ also lashed out at them for being opportunists.

The political leaders had spoken ‘good words about themselves’ as well as how much money  they had given in condolences.

“I once went to the house of late Nakubugo and she called me’ Fr. Kato’. This touched me since she could not recognize me. Anyway, now that ‘Fr Kato’ has won the credit, I will return to you and ask a question; ‘Do you think the late can recognize you if she woke up now?’” Fr Kiibi asked much to the uneasiness of the politicians.

He added that it was wrong for NRM political leaders and councilors from Nansana Municipality to start announcing the sums of money that they had given in respect of the burial yet there was a right time for them to do so.

Wakiso NRM contributed Shs150,000 while Nansana municipality councilors parted with Shs500,000.

According to Fr Kiibi, this money was useless to the person who had died.

“Now I also want to ask you councilors and NRM representatives. How would you feel if you had given in these big sums of money when she was still alive? Don’t you think she would be alive by now? Because as far as her medical documents state, she did not have any disease like HIV, cancer, and all these other bad diseases that affect the old people.”

The salesman who had turned the burial into a market show was not spared.

“We are here making last prayers for this old lady and you are busy marketing your products? May you also get the same when you die,” he said.

It is on this note that the reverend advised all people to always pay regular visits to the sick and old people since it is at this critical moment that they need support from the people around them.